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Why Evolve?

Why choose Evolve Exam Prep & Tutoring?

We are the premier tutoring and test prep company in Westchester, NY! Our interactive, dynamic review sessions are designed to assess and address student needs. Classes are designed and taught by NYS certified teachers with years of classroom and tutoring experience. We also offer personal tutors for a more individualized approach.

We don’t have a “one-size fits all” mentality

There has been a recent surge of McDonald’s style tutoring companies popping up. These “McTutoring” companies have a scripted cookie-cutter approach to learning that doesn’t take into account student needs. Evolve Exam Prep courses are designed to be interactive and dynamic. We assess student progress throughout our courses using technology and assessment techniques. Then we address those needs and weaknesses.

Small class size equals success

Research shows that class size has a direct impact on learning. We strongly agree with that ideology and keep our class sizes small. Our courses are always held in a small class setting and NEVER in a lecture hall.

Real teachers designing and teaching courses

At Evolve Exam Prep we use certified teachers to teach and design our courses. Other companies use college students, retired teachers, and people who have never set foot in a classroom. Knowing the content or following a script doesn’t not mean that you can convey the concepts to a class and adapt to student needs. Only experienced teachers can do that. Teachers who are currently teaching in a school are kept abreast of the latest testing changes, technology and methods through their own professional development in their school district in addition to what we provide for them.

A course you can commit to

Today’s young adults have very busy schedules. Students are studying for multiple exams, playing sports, belong to clubs and have family obligations as well. To commit to a 10 or 12 week course is impractical for many students. Prep courses are not teaching new material. They should be reviewing previously learned concepts, teaching test-taking strategies and drilling practice problems within a reasonable time frame before an exam. Evolve Exam Prep offers streamlined courses that are close to the exam date so students will remember the information on test day and can commit to the course schedule.

Private tutors for extra help

We offer private tutoring with highly-qualified, certified teachers. These hand-picked tutors are skilled in test prep as well as various subjects. Our tutors don’t force a pre-scripted curriculum on our students. They assess and address the student’s needs and they work with the curriculum that the student is learning in school to help them prepare for in-class exams, homework, etc.