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Classes are offered in small, classroom settings. Students will review concepts and strategies for the exams while also practicing sample test and questions.

Location: CLASSES Held AT THE MURPHY CENTER  (Across from IONA COLLEGE main campus)

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Content Structure

Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring gives a topic by topic review of the Earth Science Regents Exam. We review major topics like: Size, Shape, and Composition of Earth; Mapping, Rocks and Minerals, Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, and Landforms; Earthquakes and Tectonic Plates, Earth History, Meteorology and Climate, and Astronomy. After each section teachers will hand out practice questions, review answers, answer any questions and continue to the next topic. Students will also learn how to correctly read and use the Earth Science reference tables.

One of a Kind | Hands-on Lab Practical Review

Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring is the ONLY exam prep course that offers a hands-on lab practical review for students to experience and get ready for every part of this test. The lab part of the Earth Science Regents makes up 16% of the total grade – and therefore is a part that is quite important to review. We bring in rocks, materials, and teach students techniques like drawing ellipses and other crucial concepts. This part of the exam is given in school a week before the rest of the Earth Science Regents exam.

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There were a lot of choices when it came to selecting a tutor. Evolve Exam Prep’s service was by far the best choice. I liked that it was conducted in a classroom, not a home, and the instructors that went over the material were certified teachers that where able to explain the concepts clearly.
— A.B. FROM NEW YORK, NY (Parent)

Prep in a Private or Small Group Setting

  • The Earth Science Regents Exam is broken up into two separate parts. Since laboratory experience is an essential part of a science course, a portion of the Physical Setting/Earth Science Regents Examination is devoted to assessing laboratory skills. Tasks have been identified from laboratory experiments that you will have performed during the school year. These tasks, which represent skills that are expected to have mastered, change only slightly, if at all, from year to year. The performance portion of the examination is administered separately from the written portion, normally two weeks earlier. Arrangements for administering the performance exam are made at each school in accordance with guidelines set by the New York State Education Department.

  • The scoring for each task is based upon accuracy. Values within a certain range are granted the full point value allotted to each task. It is possible to accumulate a maximum of 16 points on the performance on the examination. Additional information regarding the performance test, including an indication of the three tasks to be completed, will be provided by your teacher when this portion of the examination is given. The following is an outline of these tasks. The time allowed for completing the tasks at each station is 9 minutes.

  • Lab Station 1 – Mineral and Rock Identification: The student determines the properties of a mineral and identifies the mineral using a flowchart. Then the student classifies two different rock samples and states the reason for each classification based on observed characteristics.

  • Lab Station 2 – Locating an Epicenter: The student determines the location of an earthquake epicenter using various types of data that were recorded at three seismic stations.

  • Lab Station 3 – Constructing and Analyzing an Asteroid's Elliptical Orbit: The student constructs a model of an asteroid's elliptical orbit and compares the eccentricity of the orbit with that of a given planet.

  • The written portion of the Earth Science Regents represents 90 points of the total score and has three parts. You should be prepared to answer questions in multiple-choice, constructed response and extended constructed-response formats. Questions will be content and skill based and may require you to graph data, complete a data table, label or draw diagrams, design experiments, make calculations, or write short or extended responses. In addition, you may be required to hypothesize, to interpret, analyze or evaluate data, or to apply scientific knowledge and skills to real world situations.

  • Part A: 35 Multiple-choice questions that offer several answers from which you choose the one that best answers the question or completes the statement. Part A of the exam focuses on earth science content and represents 30-40% of the examination.

  • Part B1: This section of Part B consists of 15 multiple-choice questions as described in Part A. The combined sections of Part B (multiple-choice plus constructed-response) represent 25-35% of the examination.

  • Part B2: There are 15 constructed-response questions in this sub-section. In a constructed-response question there is no list of choices from which to choose an answer; rather you are required to provide the answer. Constructed-response questions test skills ranging from constructing graphs or topographical maps to formulating hypotheses, evaluating experimental designs, and drawing conclusions based upon data. The combined sections of Part B represent 25-35% of the examination.

  • Part C: This section consists of 20 “extended” constructed-response questions that require more time (15-20 minutes per item) and effort on your part to answer. These questions require you to apply your earth science knowledge and skills to real-world problems and applications. Part C represents 15-25% of the examination.

Tips on How “Survive”

The Earth Science Regents Exam

  • Study Actual Test Topics: You'll quickly discover that the Earth Science Regents Exam covers many sub-topics including: mapping, minerals and rocks, erosion, earth history, astronomy, and more. In order to be successful in the exam, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the entire core earth science curriculum.

  • Take Practice Tests: One of the best ways to prepare for the NYS Earth Science Regents Exam is by doing practice tests and quizzes while you study. By working through different problems, you will grow familiar with the way the test is structured and build your knowledge of earth science criteria.

  • Change Up Your Study Habits: Don't fall into the trap of studying by only one or two means. This could lead to forming repetitive habits and not covering certain material. One useful tactic is to simply take notes while you study, making sure to mark down parts of the curriculum you are having difficulty with. You can then devise activities that will help you focus your study. Making flashcards or creating study games with your friends can not only expand your learning capacity, but help you have fun learning the material.


 Code Of Conduct &

Evolve Prep Terms Of Service

In order to ensure a productive and safe classroom setting, Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring has implemented a code of conduct that all students and parents must agree to follow as part of their registration.

  • Students will follow all instructions given by Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring Instructors and staff members.

  • All students are expected to work quietly at their desk during class sessions unless otherwise instructed.

  • Students are expected to be respectful to the instructor and other students.

  • Students should raise their hands to ask and answer questions in class.

  • Students should not be loud or disruptive in the hallways during breaks or lunch.

  • Students will respect the classroom, desks, computers and all parts of the classroom. All property should remain in the same condition that it was found.

  • Students are responsible to clean up after themselves and will not leave food, wrappers or other items in the room at the end of each session.

  • Refunds will not be given for any classes missed due to being absent.

  • The materials received are the property of Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring and should not be replicated.

  • Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring does not tolerate bullying or violence of any kind. Any sign of this will be dealt with immediately and may result in removal from the class without a refund.

  • Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring reserves the right to refuse service to any student who does not comply with the code of conduct. Students who do not comply will be removed from the class without a refund.

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Classes are held in the Murphy Center Across From the Main Campus (Mayflower Ave).


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