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Our classes are small & have unique content developed through years of experience & results. Come see how individualized attention & detailed material can impact your scores! The ACT exam is considered one of the most important and heavily weighted components of any college admissions application. Being properly prepared for this exam can help a student become accepted to the college of their choice and potentially receive scholarship funding.  Juniors let's evolve your prep game and get you ready for the ACT Exam.


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Classroom Location: Iona College at Murphy Center

Materials: Review book and practice materials provided by Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring.

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What our parents and Children say about us

My child has anxiety when taking exams, and the instructors at Evolve Exam Prep & Tutoring knew exactly what to do! Their ACT class was very thorough and fun. My son learned techniques to help him focus and got the attention he needed to learn topics he’s had trouble with for a while. Can’t express how happy we are with his test scores! Thank you David!


Get To Know The ACT Test

Content Structure

The ACT exam is becoming a very popular exam in comparison to the SAT. It is an important and heavily weighted component on college admissions applications. Being properly prepared for this exam can help a student become accepted to the college of their choice and potentially receive scholarship funding.

English: 75 Questions

  • Production of Writing (29-32%)

  • Knowledge of Language (13-19%)

  • Conventions of Standard English (51-56%)

Mathematics: 60 Questions

  • Preparing for higher math (57-60%)

    • Number & Quantity (7–10%)

    • Algebra (12–15%)

    • Functions (12–15%)

    • Geometry (12–15%)

    • Statistics & Probability (8–12%)

  • Integrating essential skills (40-43%)

  • Modeling

Reading: 40 Questions

  • Key ideas and details (55-60%)

  • Craft and structure (25-30%)

  • Integration of knowledge and ideas (13-18%)

Science: 40 Questions

  • Interpretation of data (45-55%)

  • Scientific investigation (20-30%)

  • Evaluation of Models, inferences, and experimental results (25-35%)

.Have questions about how it’s scored or how your grades were calculated? Find an interactive guide here.

Course Structure

Evolve can help students boost their ACT scores with our ACT Workshop. Students will learn the tricks, strategies and rules for English, Math, Reading, Science and Written sections to help them to succeed on the ACT. All students will receive a review book with actual past ACT exams and questions which will be used in the workshop.

Evolve’s instructors are NYS certified teachers. Only experienced teachers have the skills and expertise needed to properly prepare students. Evolve workshops offer a larger percentage of instruction time per course than other test prep companies which leads to a greater understanding of the tested concepts.


  • Class runs from 9am to 12pm.


  • 40% - Math

  • 40% - Verbal

  • 20% - Science (we devote an entire section of the course to the Science section of the ACT)

Course Materials:

  • Review Materials

  • Review Book

  • Bring your own pencils, calculators, and snacks!

Test Practice:

  • 2 Practice Exams - timed and scored.

Have Special Ed Needs? Suffer from High Testing Anxiety?

Our teachers have years of experience in dealing with special education students, and students with high testing anxiety.

Evolve Exam Prep & Tutoring ACT class was designed to help students learn study strategies and calming test-taking techniques to be able to handle the workload and prepare for the test in a better, more effective manner.


Test Day Checklist

What to Expect

  • There are special accommodations and also EL (English Learner) support! Ask about them beforehand.

  • High School Code is necessary to register.

  • Optional - have a parent’s email address handy to help communication.

  • Choose whether or not you want to take the Writing Test

  • Choose whether or not you’d like to register for the “Educational Opportunity Service” (EOS). This service will help connect you with colleges, universities, and financial aid institutions based on your plans and interests.

  • Fee for the ACT Test is $67 when you include the writing portion. Without the writing portion the ACT fee is $50.50 - both of these include reports for you, your high school, and up to 4 colleges. There are other fees like Late Registration fee ($30), Standby Testing fee ($53), Test Date Change fee ($30), Test Center Change fee ($30), and sending your Score Reports to an additional 5th and 6th choice fee ($13). You may also request a copy of your test questions and answers for $20, and Telephone Registration is also an additional $15.

What To Bring

  • A printed copy of your ticket.

  • Need Your Photo! You will be asked for a recent photo of yourself. Acceptable photos include: Photo ID, ACT Student Identification Form with Photo, ACT Talent Search Student Identification Form.

  • Number 2 pencil.

  • A watch (without an audible alarm or communication recording capabilities; smartwatches will be collected before testing)

  • A permitted calculator is to be used on the mathematics test. You are not required to bring one, but you should know which types of calculators are allowed in case you decide to bring one.

  • A bag or backpack (which must be stored during testing).

  • Snacks and drinks (which must be packed away during testing)

  • Extra batteries and backup equipment.

What Not to Bring

  • The following devices and aids are prohibited, except in the case of approved accommodations:

  • Cell phones or smartphones (phones and wearable technology will be collected before the test and returned before dismissal).

  • Audio players or recorders.

  • Tablets, laptops, notebooks, or any other personal computing devices, including wearable technology.

  • Separate timers of any type.

  • Cameras or any other photographic equipment.

  • Smartwatches and any other devices that can be used to record, transmit, receive, or play back audio, photographic, text, or video content.

  • Protractors, compasses, rulers.

  • Highlighters, colored pens, colored pencils.

  • Pamphlets or papers of any kind.

  • Dictionaries or other books.

Calculator Rules

There are specific rules for calculators - you may find them here. Here are some key points below:

  • You may not share your calculator.

  • If you use your calculator to share or exchange information during the test or to remove test questions or answers from the test room, you’ll be dismissed and your scores will be canceled.

  • If you’re using a calculator with a large (characters one inch high or more) or raised display that might be visible to other test takers, the associate supervisor may move you to another seat.


Get good sleep the night before, make sure you don’t spend the day studying till 2am, because it’s not going to help!

Leaving The House:

  • Dress comfortably. Make sure to bring a sweater or jacket so that you are in control of the temperature that is comfortable for your test.

  • Arrive by 8am. Avoid tardiness with traffic and not knowing exactly where the test location is. If possible, find out where it is before test day.

  • Bring snacks or drinks to consumer outside of the testing area.

Arriving at the Test Center:

  • Don’t be late. You will not be admitted to the test if you’re late.

  • Bring proper ID.

During The Test:

  • Breaking the seal - once you break the seal on your test booklet, you cannot later request a Test Date Change, even if you do not complete all tests.

  • A permitted calculator may be used on the mathematics test only. Know which calculators are allowed and which aren’t.

  • Please avoid any prohibited behavior at the test center. You will be dismissed and your answers won’t be scored.

Taking A Break:

  • No food or drink in the test room.

  • If you’re taking the ACT test WITH the Writing Section - you will have time to relax and sharpen your pencils.

Finishing Up:

  • Fifth Test - it’s research questions that aren’t part of your final score but serve to help shape future tests.

  • When is the test over? Students without the Writing Section get dismissed at 12:35pm. Those students that choose to do the Writing Section get dismissed t 1:35pm.

  • If you DO NOT finish the test, tell a member of the testing staff whether or not you want your answer document scored before you leave the test center. Otherwise, your tests attempted will be scored.

Additional Reminders:

  • ACT tests centers may conduct enhanced test security procedures including collecting images of examinees during check-in or other security activities on test day.

    Phones & Electronic Devices Policy

Devices that can be used to communicate test content or share answers are not allowed in the test center. You may not bring electronics of any kind with you on test day (an exception may apply for medically required devices). If, however, you forget to leave a device at home, you’ll be instructed to turn off all electronic devices and give cell phones and wearable technology to the staff in your testing room before the test begins. Be sure to turn off your watch alarm, if you have one.

Test centers are serious about security and ensuring a quiet testing environment, so prohibited devices must not make any sounds during testing. If your device makes noise or you are seen with it at any time, including during breaks, you may be dismissed immediately, your scores can be canceled, and the device may be collected and its contents inspected. The test administration staff are authorized to collect and hold phones and other prohibited electronic devices during the test administration, including break periods, or to deny admission to anyone in possession of a prohibited electronic device.

Tips on How “Survive”

The American College Testing (ACT)

  • SAT or ACT?

    • Colleges accept either test, so pick the highlights your academic strengths. If you take the PSAT junior year, this will be a good indicator of your SAT scores. Then try to take a practice ACT or official one and compare the two. ACT has more time constraints in the essay prompts, but the questions are more straightforward than the SAT. The ACT also includes a Science section that is more of a reading test. SAT focuses more on analysis and probability, while the ACT is more geometry based. Whichever you device to take - focus on that one and you'll find more success.

  • Study, Study, and Study.

    • Don't underestimate the amount of time you ACTUALLY need to study for this. Students in the past have spent anywhere between 4-5 hours a week for roughly 2-4 months.

  • Plan Ahead & Balance Your Schedule

    • It's really hard to find time to study for tests like this - so plan ahead. Plan to take the test in your junior year of high school because you'll have your results early and be able to improve them if necessary. Don't wait till the end of your senior year, it'll put added pressure and stress you can avoid. Study over the summer and have your parents remind you (they will regardless) to block this time from your schedule. The Calendar App really helps!

  • Ask for help!

    • If there are concepts you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask for help. Consult your teacher during the course, write us an e-mail afterwards, or give us a call – we are YOUR resource for further help!

 Code Of Conduct &

Evolve Prep Terms Of Service

In order to ensure a productive and safe classroom setting, Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring has implemented a code of conduct that all students and parents must agree to follow as part of their registration.

  • Students will follow all instructions given by Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring Instructors and staff members.

  • All students are expected to work quietly at their desk during class sessions unless otherwise instructed.

  • Students are expected to be respectful to the instructor and other students.

  • Students should raise their hands to ask and answer questions in class.

  • Students should not be loud or disruptive in the hallways during breaks or lunch.

  • Students will respect the classroom, desks, computers and all parts of the classroom. All property should remain in the same condition that it was found.

  • Students are responsible to clean up after themselves and will not leave food, wrappers or other items in the room at the end of each session.

  • Refunds will not be given for any classes missed due to being absent.

  • The materials received are the property of Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring and should not be replicated.

  • Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring does not tolerate bullying or violence of any kind. Any sign of this will be dealt with immediately and may result in removal from the class without a refund.

  • Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring reserves the right to refuse service to any student who does not comply with the code of conduct. Students who do not comply will be removed from the class without a refund.

Contact Information

Classes are held in the Murphy Center Across From the Main Campus (Mayflower Ave).


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