How do we run our classes?

At Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring we keep our classes small to give each of our students the individual attention they require to review topics that need to be broken down further and to answer all questions. Smaller classes are statistically proven to positively affect learning.

Class Size: 10-15 students (max 18)

Time: 9am - 4pm EST (multiple short breaks and a 45-minute lunch break)

Location: The Murphy Center - across the street from Iona College Main Campus (taught in comfortable air-conditioned classrooms)

Students will receive a review book created by Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring containing worksheets, Regents questions, and thorough content review. 


All our instructors are state certified teachers with multiple years of experience and exam prep experience as well. We take the time to interview our teachers and prep them to be fully able to cover complex subjects, answer questions, and have a strong classroom presence that helps our students feel comfortable and confident. 

Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring teachers will review the content topics encompassing a full-year’s curriculum through mini-lesson. Each mini-lesson is followed by Regents practice problems, and the teacher will review the problems and answer questions after each topic session. Our teachers will answer student questions during class time, and break-time can be used for additional questions. Teachers will also cover strategies and best practices for the specific Regents exam that the students are taking. 

For our students to have the best experience possible – please notify us in advance if a student has any special needs that may need unique accommodations in the classroom. Our goal is always to bring the best and most informative experience for all our students, so we will always abide by them and do what we can to accommodate every student.

[*If your child cannot perform well in a class of 18 or requires further individual attention in certain subjects, Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring offers private tutoring and small group sessions for 2-7 students, we're happy to suite the needs of all different learning styles and methods]

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What are the Regents Exam requirements?

Students are must achieve a score of 65 (55 for Special Education students) or higher on Regents Exams to pass. However this only qualifies for a local diploma as long as they compensate with a score of 65 or higher on another Regents exam.

Students with disabilities still must earn minimum 55 scores on Regents exams in Comprehensive English and math. NYSED considers a score of 75 to 80 to indicate college readiness, with a score of 75 to 85 being a cutoff for admission for some selective colleges and universities and a score below 75 being a threshold for placement in remediation for some schools, including CUNY schools.

What are the Regents Diploma exam requirements?

In 2014, the Board of Regents created the 4+1 option, where students must pass at least 4 regents exams one per subject and pass 1 additional Regents exam in any subject. 

Students must score 65 or higher in: English Language Arts and...

  • At least 1 math regents (Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II).

  • At least 1 science regents (Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry, or Physics)

  • At least 1 social studies regents (Global History or United States History and Government

  • 1 additional Regents Exam in any subject or by passing a state-approved exam

Regents Exam prep Subjects Offered


Earth Science

Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring gives a topic by topic review of the Earth Science Regents Exam. We review major topics like: Size, Shape, and Composition of Earth; Mapping, Rocks and Minerals, Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, and many more! We are also the only Exam prep course that offers an Earth Science lab practical with materials and techniques that are critical for acing the exam!

living environment

Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring gives a topic by topic review of the Living Environment Regents Exam. We review major topics like: Scientific Method, Scientific Measurement & The Microscope, Characteristics of Living Organisms, The Cell (Structure and Function), Biochemistry & The Enzyme, and many more! We make smaller classes and give each student more individual attention.


Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring gives a topic by topic review of the Chemistry Regents Exam. We review major topics like: Math Skills Needed for Chemistry, Atomic Concepts, Periodic Table, Moles/Stoichiometry, Chemical Bonding, and many more! Our teachers focus on reviewing concepts and properly read the reference table, use it, and be more successful with their time management.



Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring gives a topic by topic review of the Geometry Regents Exam. We review major topics like: Congruence, Similarity, Right Triangles, Trigonometry, Circles, and many more. This course is unique because it has a lot more student interaction and Q&As. 

Algebra I

Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring gives a topic by topic review of the Algebra I Regents Exam. We review major topics like: Algebra, Functions, Number, Quantity, and more! Teachers will review questions, go over problems, develop methods for students to use their time efficiently and show their work. 

algebra ii

Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring gives a topic by topic review of the Algebra II Regents Exam. We review major topics like: Algebra, Functions, Number, Quantity, and more! Teachers will review questions, look over old tests, show how to use scrap paper properly and show their work. 



US History & Government

Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring gives a topic by topic review of the U.S. History and Government Regents Exam. We review major topics like Constitutional Foundations, Industrialization, The Progressive Movement, and many more! After each section teachers will hand out practice questions, review answers, answer any questions and continue to the next topic

global history & Geography

Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring gives a topic by topic review of the Global History and Geography Regents Exam. We review major topics like the Age of Revolution, Half Century of Crisis and Achievement, and many more! Our teachers focus in the writing component and document-based questions. We cover topics, review them, and then we analyze how to approach the question and back it up with the document that is referred.

Common Questions from COncerned PArents and Test Takers

If you have any additional questions, contact us at 914-292-3359 We're happy to Help!


What is a typical day at an Evolve Exam Prep review session?

Students should arrive at the test site early to register. They will then be directed toward their classrooms. Students will be given review materials and will work throughout the day with their instructors in an air-conditioned classroom. Every hour, a 5-10 minute break will be given, and students will also break for a 45-minute lunch. (Students should bring their own lunch. There are also several eateries near the campus).

Who are the instructors?

All instructors are NYS certified teachers. They all currently teach in Westchester County schools.

What is expected from the student?

Students are expected to show up mentally and physically prepared to work and review. Students who are disruptive or disrespectful will be ejected from the test site without a refund.

What should students bring to the review?

  • Pens and pencils

  • Notebook (optional)

  • Lunch

  • An extra shirt or sweatshirt (The rooms are air-conditioned.)

  • Calculators for Math classes

***Cell phones are not permitted to be turned on in the classroom.

Can I cancel or change a session?

Cancellations are not permitted after 3 weeks before the date of the class for which you are registered. No refunds are given for any reason after this time. Cancellations that occur before 3 weeks will receive credit for a future class. 


If multiple sessions are available, you may change a session date up to two weeks before the session in which you are registered.

When are the Regents?