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Evolve Exam Prep & tutoring

New York State Teachers, Small Class Sizes & History Of student success



Regents * SAT * ACT * Essay Writing * Advanced Placement * SAT II

PRIVATE Tutoring & Small Group Sessions


Evolve the way students prep

At Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring we use certified teachers to teach and design our courses. Other companies use college students and people who have never set foot in a classroom. Knowing the content or following a script doesn’t not mean that you can convey the concepts to a class and adapt to student needs. Only experienced teachers can do that. Teachers who are currently teaching in a school are kept abreast of the latest testing changes, technology and methods through their own professional development in their school district in addition to what we provide for them.

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Why Evolve Exam Prep?

Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring has been created to solve a widespread problem we see in classrooms and prep classes all around New York. With decades of experience teaching – our group of educators heard students complain that they never got the attention they needed to go over topics that they were struggling with.

At school, students are given basic reviews and a speedy explanation of complicated topics due to the time restrictions that teachers have to cover all materials during the school year.

At more popular prep courses, students are thrown into big classes of 25-40 students that are all scrambling to understand these topics without having any individual attention because there’s simply too many students in one class – which also results in extra stimulants within the classroom as students lose focus and “get bored.”

We are a local company located in lower Westchester with over 20 years of experience teaching in classes and perfecting our exam prep methods. We've taught hundreds of students, have had great results, and will work with your child to find the best way for them to learn each topic. We design smaller classes and create our own review material to make sure you child is prepared for exam day. Contact us and see how our customized exam prep courses can bring real results!


Let Our Courses Inspire You


Variety of subjects

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Review courses for Regents, SAT, ACT, SAT II, Essay Writing, and More! Our classes are taught by hand-picked, highly trained, certified teachers who have years of classroom and tutoring experience.

better results

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Courses are offered in small, classroom settings. Students will review concepts and strategies for the exams while also practicing sample test and questions - getting the individual attention they need to pass!

private tutoring

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Our hand-picked certified teachers and educators will work with your child one-on-one in your home. This is the highest level of customization in tutoring available!

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Conveniently register online for upcoming courses through our website. You can even get discounts for multiple students and take advantage of our referral program!


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