SAT Exam Prep | 12 Hours, 4 Sessions + Review Book & Material

SAT Exam Prep | 12 Hours, 4 Sessions + Review Book & Material


First Session | 9/16 @ 9am-12pm OR 3pm-6pm

Second Session | 9/23 @ 9am-12pm OR 3pm-6pm

Third Session | 9/30 @ 9am-12pm OR 3pm-6pm

Fourth Session | 10/02 @ 5pm-8pm

Price includes all 4 classes, total of 12 hours.

*Course also includes SAT Review Book and Materials! ($59.99 value)

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Content Structure

The SAT exam is considered one of the most important and heavily weighted components on a college admissions application. Being properly prepared for this exam can help a student become accepted to the college of their choice and potentially receive scholarship funding.

The SAT is focused on the skills and knowledge at the heart of education. It measures:

  • What you learn in high school.

  • What you need to succeed in college and career training.

Evolve Exam Prep & Tutoring can help students boost their SAT scores with our SAT Boost Workshop. Students will learn the tricks, strategies and rules for Math, Reading, Writing and Language sections to help them to succeed on the SAT. This SAT Boost Workshop is designed to help students that took the test already and need some help understanding additional subjects and test-taking techniques.

All students will receive an Evolve Exam Prep & Tutoring review book with actual past SAT exams and questions, which will be used in the workshop. 

Evolve Exam Prep & Tutoring will prepare you with the right tools and skills you need to know to increase your score!


Course Structure

The SAT Boost Workshop consists of 4 separate three-hour sessions. Each session consists of 90-minutes of Math and 90-minutes of Verbal.

Students will work on practice sections for actual exams, review test taking techniques specific to the SAT and will be taught mini lessons for concepts that are fundamental to the math and verbal sections of the SAT.

One of the sessions will be a full practice test that will be timed, graded and returned to the students for review.

This full practice exam allows students to become accustomed to the exam format, pacing and the test taking stamina required for the exam. It is also used to asses the student's strengths and areas that need to be focused on before the exam.

Our instructors will adapt the course accordingly based on the needs of the student in the class and will differentiate instruction and modify assignments based on individual needs to the best of their ability.

Evolve Exam Prep & Tutoring instructors are NYS certified teachers. Only experienced teachers have the skills and expertise needed to properly prepare students. Evolve workshops offer a larger percentage of instruction time per course than other test prep companies which leads to a greater understanding of the tested concepts.


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