Biology | Living Environment

Biology | Living Environment

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Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring gives a topic by topic review of the Living Environment Regents Exam. We review major topics like: Scientific Method, Scientific Measurement & The Microscope, Characteristics of Living Organisms, The Cell (Structure and Function), Biochemistry & The Enzyme, Evolution, Mitosis & Meiosis, Reproduction, Genetics, Human Body Systems, Homeostasis, Ecology, Human Impact on the Environment.

After each section teachers will hand out practice questions, review answers, answer any questions and continue to the next topic. Our course will also review the 4 state labs that are a requirement for the Living Environment Regents Exam.


Course Structure

An attention-focused class size of 18 students or less. Evolve Exam Prep and Tutoring’s Living Environment Regents Prep Course runs from 9am-4pm, with a few 5-10 minute breaks, and a 45-minute lunch break.

Classes are taught close to exam dates so that students will retain more information and are designed for review of previously learned concepts with a focus on test-taking strategies and practice problems – we call these “mini-lessons”.

These mini-lessons are followed by questions and further review. Teachers walk around while students are working on the practice problems of each individual concept – which is another opportune time for students to ask individual questions about questions they are working on. We also welcome additional questions during breaks.

Our teachers are there to help you get answers and understand the material, not to “get through” the course.